My background includes 25 years working in school settings, Community Outreach and Child Welfare. I have provided Mental health support in Special Education. Throughout the mix, I have used humor, play, relationship and creativity in my practice. I have been able to weave work with Mental Health/Community programs in the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Tanzania, Uganda throughout my career. The experiences and the shift between cultures have helped enrich my understanding of diverse perspectives. I have also lived and struggled with the vulnerable and despairing. This has helped me know that life's appearance is never final. We can overcome. I am committed to providing culturally competent, non-judgmental support for all clients.  I can work with clients to utilize Victim's Compensation funds to cover therapy if they have been a victim of a crime. I also offer remote sessions for travelers or if you just don't want to leave your own couch.

Background and Education

About Me

​            ​I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in Boulder, Colorado, providing psychotherapy services to a broad spectrum of clients; along the many stages of brain development!  I offer individual, group and family meetings with hope that my clients never stop growing towards the person they would like to become. I am honored and humbled to listen to all clients' stories. Our experience of connection while working together develops a richer sense of being fully human. My areas of interest & specialties include teaching and practicing Social Skills, Behavior Strategies, Friendship/Play skills for all stages of development, Parenting Support and Stress Management. Pain and suffering is as common in life as joy and contentment. It is my goal to help build skills that allow us to move fluently between ups and downs. I work through Art-based creativity and Mindfulness practices. My therapy practice is based on creating opportunities for clients to explore situations and practices for positive interaction. My goal is for you to rediscover your strengths, gifts and purpose and create stories and boundaries to protect your precious self.