About My WorK

Tame Your Rhino
Building Social Resiliency for ALL ages

            My background includes 25 years working in school settings, Community Outreach and Child Welfare. I have provided Mental health support in Special Education. Throughout the mix, I have used humor, play, relationship and creativity in my practice. I have been able to weave work with Mental Health/Community programs in the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Tanzania, Uganda throughout my career. The experiences and the shift between cultures have helped enrich my understanding of diverse perspectives. I have also lived and struggled with the vulnerable and despairing. This has helped me know that life's appearance is never final. We can overcome. I am committed to providing culturally competent, non-judgmental support for all clients.  I can work with clients to utilize Victim's Compensation funds to cover therapy if they have been a victim of a crime. I also offer remote sessions for travelers or if you just don't want to leave your own couch.