Have you ever felt like you had a large wild animal inside yourself or inside a family member? It might feel scary, furious, out of control or caged up. You may experience shame or guilt that feels like a beast - to be kept secret. The beast is a beautiful, wild part of each person but part of our growth includes gaining a sense of understanding and balanced accepting relationship with who we are, our stories and our inner desires. We must align with our inner life in order to be free to move forward. My work is to help align your sense of 'what was' with 'what is now'. My goal is to help you build skills that allow you to confidently react to your world today.

Services offered: (Spanish/English)

                for Teens, Adults and Children 

  • Social Skills/groups for children 7-16

  • Behavior Strategies for Social Anxiety and ADHD

  • Friendship/Play skills

  • Sibling groups

  • Individual Therapy Using Cognitive Behavioral strategies for Grief, Anxiety, Depression​

  • Intercultural transition- services available via Skype

  • Trauma Reduction- EMDR/ Brainspotting

  • Self care for Educators, health workers

  • Mindfulness practices for Resiliency building 

  • Supervision for clinical licensing

  • Coaching for Families of Neurodiverse kids

  • Orientation for working with school systems including Special Education 

Be thoughtful. Experience insight. form new understanding. Practice new words. Try new reactions to old scenarios. Be mindful, playful and curious.