Social Groups-- 

Taking names for Summer 2017

Participants will focus on social awareness and  communication, cues and clues in

greetings and conversations, personal space for the purpose of enhancing peer friendship.

How: Learning will be embedded in a structured format that blends:

1. Mini lesson: direct social skills instruction through  multi step procedures demonstrated

through modeling, discussion and/or role playing

2. Practice with peers in a cooperative activity including:

art, building challenges and good old board games.
3. Review and Reflection of our experience- during which we review our success and practice compliments.

The group will encourage play, kindness to others, effective expressive language, laughter,

silliness with boundaries, cooperation and problem-solving if we hit a rough patch!

Please call Carrie at 720.260.2901 to discuss your child's needs and group "fit".

Location: Boulder Group (held at 1221 Pearl St. )

Details: ages 9-11, working on general social interactions, particularly impulse control, turn taking, collaborative problem solving, strategies for self regulation

Group size: maximum of 4 participants, depending on needs

Each participant is requested to have an individual session prior to enrollment for  general assessment of strengths, interests, needs and for familiarity of setting.
8 week program  for $240
Group feedback and self acknowledgment of participation after each session; notes for parents to learn  and reinforce targeted skills