Why Social Skills?

           Social Skills are a mysterious set of hidden rules that people in community gradually learn or adapt to using with differing levels of fluency in order to get what they want with less energy rather than more. When we can smoothly maneuver through a negotiation for a toy, a job transition or a hot date, we are said to have "good social skills". However, learning these skills is NOT automatic nor taught in any standard format. Many of us get stuck when social cues are new or unrecognized or we have different brain neurophysiology that does not resonate similarly with others around us.

​​​Social Skills Practice is helpful for individuals and is designed to help participants gain skills with the help of a licensed clinical therapist but embedded in noncompetitive, creative, problem-solving based activity or dialogue. Think 'Play group peppered with skills training'. A flow which includes: conversation using supportive or scripted language, practice, feedback and celebration. It HAS to be fun or they won't want to come back, right? The goal of this work is to provide skills to become self-managers of their own behaviors.

​Tame Your Rhino
Building Social Resiliency for ALL ages